Olympus trys to Calm our fears once more

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Re: Good points about size

dave gaines wrote:

You've recognized the advantages Olympus has had with small cameras from the beginning.

My first DSLR was the E-3. The E-5 is the same size body with a larger LCD screen and one less button, the battery door release. I really like the rugged, weather-proof body of the E-3/E-5. The only other Olympus to have this is the E-1. Besides that, I have large hands with long fingers so I like a big grip.

We'll have to wait and see what Olympus actually offers.

I think the biggest size advantage Olympus DSLRs have is in the telephoto lenses.

I wouldnt mind a smaller E-5/3 now mind you, not E620 size... But I can see the potential for a rethink. Maybe not as small as the E-620, as they m43rds for the absolute smallest, and not as big as an E-5/E-30... Think how many here lauded the Pentax size... Maybe that big?

To be honest I have had the E-300 and the E-3 and didnt mind either of them, I am a young man and I dont have the worry of weight (unless lugging equipment to an on-site shoot) but I do want the choice of an OVF / EVF, when I cant tell the difference (and we are close) I wont mind, but EVFs have their strengths, as do OVFs and I think, judging by everything Olympus has said, they understand that as well.

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