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Re: Making it simple ... RAW, JPEG - bit depth and data loss from using JPEGs

John King wrote:

pris wrote:

John King wrote:

please take your objections up with the respective authors, not with me.

So what you are now saying is, you have no own experience with extensive PP about which you argued all along, and only referred to someone else words? That's what I thought.

I said absolutely nothing of the kind.

We will get to this in a few.

You seem to be going a very long way out of your way to misinterpret what I have tried as hard as possible to say as clearly as possible ...

You patently do not believe anything I say on the subject,

Because you haven't ever done any serious PP yourself, as you stated many times - why would I believe someone who knows very little about the subject? Because he read something in books? But having no knowledge, he is so very likely to fail to pick the right books... which you "patently" did. BTW, what's with you and that "patently" that you deploy every time you get yourself in another fight?

so I have provided you with several external references that concur with what I have said all along, and with the books I own and have read.

As I said before, you haven't read those that explain how it's done, and haven't shown slightest curiosity about those. Just another missed opportunity to learn something by you.

You have also failed to answer the question I posed ...

Haven't seen any. Questions are those sentences with question marks at the end, you know. Looked at your post again - none is to be found. Some weird blabbing about "law" though.

Now, let's get back to that curious "I said absolutely nothing of the kind" of yours. John, who said this:

"I don't bother doing anything but automated PP on JPEGs for upload, as I consider that to be a waste of time (and not something I particularly desire to improve my lack of competence in ... )"

and this:

"It is so long since I have done any colour corrections to any of my own images outside of ACR using the WB tool, I can't remember when it was. I do not use curves or levels in either ACR or PS, because I find it unnecessary."

... and would you consider it at least disingenuous if this same person also asked with indignation

"I don't know where you get the idea that I don't believe in PP??
Ever since I first set foot in a darkroom over 50 years ago, I have been involved with PP ..." ?

Will you believe that it's the same person, and do you have any guess who it is?

Why can't you stop digging when find yourself in the hole...

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