Help Please Is this mark the lense or the sensor?

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Re: Help Please Is this mark the lense or the sensor?

jk2l wrote:

So the line is a dust "spot"? Were you able to locate them?

The line is probably something resembling a short section of hair, and yes it's clearly visible in your photos.  I do have a sensor magnifying viewer, but this one probably is visible without that.

Try to take photo against white wall, sky...etc that is plain single color. Use blower to blow the dust in those area and repeat taking photo until it is gone.

Best to stop the lens aperture down, the dust becomes more visible the smaller the aperture.   Way I do it is stop down to f16 or so, set the lens to infinity and point at a section of even clear sky and shoot a photo.

Note in spite of all the faith that everything can be blown off, that's just not so.  Most of the time a blower can get it off, but not always, and the longer it's on there the less likely it will blow off.  When it does not I go to a static charged sensor brush and if that can't get it when used properly (very very lightly) then I go to wet cleaning.

You should really learn to do all this. The techniques are not that hard. Choose a cleaning system and learn it. There is no photo tech following you around, but at any instant a bad dust spec can be in all your photos.  I have cleaning supplies along on all my photo forays. I use the copperhillimages supplies so can recommend them, they do have instructions on their site.

Note on average I only have to clean a sensor less than once a year.

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