Good price for a used x100?

Started Feb 11, 2013 | Discussions thread
Joel Stern
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Re: Good price for a used x100?

Bernard au Clairvaux wrote:

I see asking prices on ebay kinda all over the place but havent really watched to see final price. But I do think it's lower than I would have expected it to be because of the imminent replacement.

I know a store has them in "excellent" condition (don't think they have an numerical rating like KEH does) for 775.00, and I didn't actually look at them

I know someone with one that mentioned 850.00 was what they would like to get. This one has a few marks on it, so it isn't in Perfect condition, but certainly not really abused

I have see new ones now at 1150.00

What do you think is a fair price? Give me a range.

Thank you,


I would wait if you can.  Too buy a used X100 you need serial number info and to save $400 over a new s makes little sense to me. I bet as we see the s launched a new X100 will be $800 or less Fuji will want the supply gone, they may even offer something unexpected as they move all to TransX sensors. Whatever you do, good luck. I think this is the time to watch and wait.

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