Ricoh A12 28mm F2.5... any suggestions?

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Joel Stern
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Re: Ricoh A12 28mm F2.5... any suggestions?

lenseye wrote:

When you get a chance can you let me know what specifically you were not happy with like sharpness, color rendition? Distortion, etc.? Will help me greatly!



Yes, for me mine was not as sharp as my GRD lV. No other issues, and there was no macro. Now I don't shoot flowers or bugs, and the only food I ever shot was a very cool cup of latte with great milk patterns, but I like macro when I am documenting my packing for an eBay sale or posting some product shots, or every now and then something just asks for it, but the lack of it was missed. I may have just gotten a bad copy, never heard a complaint from the person I sold it to, so it may have just been in my eyes.

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