How long would your HSM motor last?

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Re: How long would your HSM motor last?

Interesting and informative article. Thanks

Always wondered how these motors worked, now I have some insight.

Aluminium is difficult to coat and requires specialised paints.

If you have a company near you that makes non-stick kitchen products maybe they could coat it for you? They'll use teflon coatings and these have a low coefficient of friction which would be ideal.

Alternatively try 2 pack epoxy glue (low viscosity variety). Doesn't matter what the colour is and clear would be OK as well (though difficult to see if you've coated everything or not). Mix small portions, coat ring with a nail varnish brush (no, nail varnish itself won't work - well not for long anyway). Allow to cure 24 hrs in a warm place (or put in an oven at say 60°C for about 2 to 4 hours - higher temperatures might distort the Al), sand with 1200 water paper. Repeat if necessary.

In the later case if your Al ring is damaged you might have to build up a few layers of epoxy glue to get the surface flush again (obiosuly use a flat surface - like glass - for the sanding surface - with which you can also use the polishing paste for finishing too).

Epoxy paint (2 pack) would be better because the viscosity will be lower but depends if you can get small quantities. The film build will be lower than with glue which is a problem if you have surface damage to 'fill-in'.

Don't mix more epoxy than you need per step - it'll go hard and be unusable.

No, haven't tried this myself but should work if properly done. Longevity would need to be experienced I guess.

HTH and good luck!

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