X Pro 1 Tear Down

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Re: This is what's really going on

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This link indicates Fuji makes their own sensor.

Quote "Fuji has a long history of innovative sensor design"


No, it doesn't. I think you've misunderstood the post.

from my understanding, it says Sony provided the sensor, Fuji worked on it and incorporated their ideas into it. it's counter-argumentative. hence, Fuji can make a claim it's theirs in another perspective.

It's been suggested before here - I can't remember quite by whom now - that, even if the X-Trans was based on a Sony sensor, and even if it was manufactured by Sony, Sony obtains a lot of semi-conductor materials from Fujifilm, so it's still Fujifilm's.

Now, what's been neglected from this line of arguments is that the silicon dioxide that said semi-conductor material is made of has been harvested in the fjords of Norway.

So, ultimately really, it's Slartibartfast who is behind the X-Trans.

I believe so. does he work for Sony or Fuji? lol.

I think the manufacturing aspect is much more on the labor cost of building the sensor rather than designing the sensor which only occurs in R&D departments and is totally separate entity from manufacturing.

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