From Canon 5D mk2 to Nikon D600 - experience

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Re: From Canon 5D mk2 to Nikon D600 - experience

Leo360 wrote:

paulski66 wrote:

Leo360 wrote:

I am sorry for beating a dead horse, but does your D600 suffer from excessive oil/dust on the sensor?


I wish we could still "Unlike" posts...

Why? may I ask. D600 is almost a perfect camera for its price point. It seems that oil/dust is the only major problem some of the camera owners complain about. This is a gear forum and such a topic is perfectly within the scope. Am I missing something?


You answer your own question with the preface to your original post: "I am sorry for beating a dead horse..."

There are multiple threads about spots on the d600 sensor. Every day. There are polls. There are posts about people who have the issue. There are posts about people who don't have the issue. There are snaps and repair experiences, etc...

That said, not ´╗┐every single thread´╗┐ which mentions the d600 in this forum needs to be about the damned sensor spots. The OP wrote up a nice, very detailed account of his experiences with the d600 so far, and this is all you could think to post? Talk about beating a dead horse.

And before you ask: No, my d600 doesn't have spots.

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