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Re: GH3 with 100-300mm

jalywol wrote:

I have been trying to get out on the rare moments when there is both sunlight and temperatures above freezing around here, to get familiar with the GH3 in real world situations.

This afternoon was bright enough and warm enough to get out for a few minutes, and the ice had melted in my favorite marsh enough to let some ducks make an appearance, so I took advantage of the situation.

This time, I took the 100-300mm, and put the GH3 on electronic shutter. I've had some difficulty in the past with the 100-300mm at the long end when using both the G2 and then the GH2; sharpness seemed a bit elusive in many situations, and I was hoping the shutter difference would improve that.

Wonder of wonders, after pixel peeping at the files when I got home, I can confirm that yes, indeed, the electronic shutter has worked much better for me than the mechanical one with the 100-300mm lens. I've posted two shots below that were both taken at 300mm, and one of them is even at 1/200 sec, a speed that I have never been able to get anything sharp at before with that lens. I'm very impressed!

Oh, and the GH3 is just a phenomenal camera....every time I take it out I get more impressed with its IQ and capabilities...and it is so beautifully balanced, that holding it with the 100-300mm was EASY....

BTW, these were taken in late afternoon with the sun quite low in the sky. And, yeah, I know, they are just ducks, but the detail and color that was rendered by the camera and lens combo was excellent.


Nice. I'm going on an "eagle hunt" on Sunday, and the GH3 and the 100-300 will be the primary tool. I may try the electronic shutter, as well.

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