Is Nikon D3 still a good buy?

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Re: Is Nikon D3 still a good buy?

Nhelnhel wrote:

I have an opportunity to buy a used Nikon D3 with 7,000 shutter count for $1300.00

I do general photography. Landscape, portrait and birding.I have also some old glass from Nikon and Sigma.

Is Nikon D3 still a good buy compared to the other Nikon full frame?

Thank you in advanced.

I see you 'missed out' on the 'deal'. Unless you know the seller well, that deal sounds too good to be true, add to that the 'pay into bank account' and as another poster said, its a clear red flag for something unusual.

A good condition used D3 will still command upwards of 2,000 dollars I think (check KEH for pricing). Currently an 'E' rated available for 2,199.

So that one 'offered' to you was way underpriced, has to be a reason.

Always be careful and check sources and 'story'.  Unless you know the seller well, be very wary, especially putting your money into others bank accounts, sight unseen. Dont do that.

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