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Re: 007peter!

captura wrote:

007peter wrote:

You mean the cheap Olympus 15mm f8 body cap lens. Cool.

When you get it, please take a photo of your camera + adapter + 15mmf8 lens. I want to see how the entire package look like, as well as photo from the camera without crop. I want to see just how small the m43 image circle is over sony APS-C.

Since m43 is a 4:3 ratio sensor, I expect a huge Left/Right border. I'll be interesting to see.

OK I will. I'll shoot 4:3 to compensate.

Got the Chinese Pixco adapter to-day. For my Olympus body-cap lens. Et voila, the Solympus! Now I know where all those Sony $$$  millions went for Olympus development!

Took a few shots outside in the remaining light. Much better than expected compared to the poor images previously posted for this lens, using the intended Olympus cameras. I attribute this as possibly due the superior NEX sensor. Works OK with my NEX-3 at 16:9, but vignettes at 3:2 and heavy vignetting on my new NEX5-R.

(I suspect that Sony may have moved the reg. distance very slightly with the newer cameras.)

Mounted on my red NEX-3, to my eye it actually does NOT look odd; looking better than the 16/2.8, believe it or not. Plus, it's a REAL pocket-camera, now. Total thickness about 2" or less. I was going to sell this NEX-3 but now I'll just keep it like this. Plus use it for experimenting with B&W images.

Mounted on the 5R it appears sinister and spider-like, due to shorter 5R body?

I'll try to post to-morrow...what it looks like plus some samples.

My intention for the near-future is to do a Mega Blowout f8 tiny lens comparison: the Solympus vs. the 16SEL2.8 vs. the Pentax 110/18mm lens.

Re: Test the NEX7 with Pentax 110 18mm lens, please?: Sony NEX ...


Thank you for your interest,


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