How limiting is lack of image stabilization in Pany bodies?

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Re: How limiting is lack of image stabilization in Pany bodies?

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I've been considering (for a while now) buying a Pany G3/G5 kit, which, together with a wide angle and/or portrait prime, would hopefully give me a step-up from my current Pany FZ-35.

However, what troubles me is the lack of IS in the Pany bodies. if I want the advantages of IS (and I am battling to understand why one wouldn't), then am I not excluding the option of using Olympus lenses and many third party lenses which are not stabilized with the Pany body?

This clearly does not seem to bother the thousands of Pany m43 users out there, and I am hoping that someone can explain to me why!



I use both Panasonic and Olympus, if you like IS, then you will find Panasonic limiting.

Getting a Panasonic body will cripple your choices for lenses, this is a fact.

Inbody IS will give you a huge choice of lens options, all of which will be stabilised, this will include lensbabys, toy lenses, legacy lenses, as well as the complete range of micro 4/3 lenses, including those made by third parties.

Hard-line Pany users will probably disagree with what I`m saying, it is said that you don`t miss what you have never had.

Sure it's limiting but not "crippling." That's too harsh a word.

The real advantage to Olympus is using prime lenses in poor light. I used a G3 for quite a while with the 20mm mostly and in poor light I missed shots where IBIS would have helped. I went to great lengths to make it work, sometimes resorting to a tripod or a flash which cures everything.

It wasn't until I tried an Olympus body with the 17mm in bad light, the result was shockingly good.

In other cases though the IS lenses on Panasonic zooms works well, especially if you value video or telephoto. At that time in "ancient history" anyway the Panasonic AF was a lot faster and the zoom IS better, and their video has always been better. So it was kind of a wash.

I've always wondered why nobody builds IS prime lenses. Seems like it would make sense but what do I know.

Crippling might seem a bit strong, all depends on the situation, its just nice to have something to fall back on, I might struggle a bit in poor light with my G2 and 12-50mm

Or in a dark church with a Pany 20mm.

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