At least we are not nasty like FTF can be.....Ricoh has still forsaken us

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Re: At least we are not nasty like FTF can be.....Ricoh has still forsaken us

sroute wrote:

Because having ordered one and been #2 at the start of a long waiting list from my retailer, having observed that Sony Canada sold out its initial allotment quickly and was given additional allotment from the first batch and sold those out quickly again, having spoken with several local retailers, having spoken with a pro retailer in another state that I work with frequently, having watched up-take in various photographic communities I am associated with, having observed numerous photographers I know by reputation or personally both locally and abroad or via the internet, I'm seeing the devices in high demand.

One could also witness the number of relatively inexperienced photographers picking up the camera right here in DPR's Cybershot forums. I'm quite astounded.

In contrast to up-take of the GXR, the RX1 is like a sales tsunami despite the seemingly high price.

Like the Fujifilm X100, I believe the RX1 proves once again there is a market for high end fixed lens compacts and that photographers see value in the whatever additional benefits a full frame sensor offers over smaller sensors.

My opinion backed by the success of the X100, and apparent success of the RX1: If someone were to bring a competitive fixed 35mm full frame compact to market, it ought to sell well. Less of a stretch to believe: If someone were to bring a competitive compact full frame interchangeable lens camera, it would sell like crazy.

I'd buy one.

If Ricoh had just brought an APS-C 35mm I would still have my GXR. This is called Vision what you have written, some companies have it, understand it, some sit on their laurels and just do the same things year after year. If I get slammed for this so be it. How many times can you upgrade your 28mm GRD, really. If you put in an APS-c sensor you have a GXR, if you put in a 1 inch sensor you have a change, but do what I or Harold have been crying for, 35 or 40mm, either would do very nicely.  I think I will get either an X100 if the price goes down enough or an X100s if it does not. The s offers some nice upgrades to handling and the sensor, while not yet RAW friendly (software), will have great jpegs just the same. Count me as one very serious puppy getting ready to re-explore fuji land.

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