49mm UV filter /protective filter for nex 5n

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Re: 49mm UV filter /protective filter for nex 5n

I trust that you know that UV or Skylight filters are completely useless with digital sensors ... they were only needed for film because of the colour shift the UV light caused. As a matter of fact using the UV filter in daylight photography will introduce the haze to all your pictures, the colours will look washed out. At night time, the UV filter will add in extra reflections, it will disperse the sharp outlines of neon lights etc.

If you are thinking of lens protection from dust and impact ... that have the lens cap on when not shooting [hang it on string attached to lens so you don't lose it ... and keep the lens hood on. The lens hood is usually fixed to outside of the lens [bayonet fit] hence, it will protect the lens better then filter fitted into the lens thread. In case of frontal impact, the filter is likely to disintegrate and scratch your lens, apart of ruining the lens thread.

The Filter quality?  The entire photographic section of Hoya, including the Pentax cameras, lenses and "Hoya filters" manufacturing was sold to the Chinese outfit with HQ in Taiwan [they as well own the Ricoh brand]. Hoya in Japan has only retained Pentax medical optical instrumentation manufacturing.

So buying Hoya filters, you are buying Chinese filters [or at best the filters made in Philippines]. Don't get swayed by the filter having Hoya Japan description on the barrel.  The "Hoya Japan" is the trademark and it doesn't equate to "Made in Japan".  So don't pay premium for Hoya filters. If you are thinking of buying a few filters ... one of nice to have is the circular [not linear] polariser and other,  perhaps the Infra Red filter. If you get 52 mm or 62 mm size, you can get step down adaptor rings to fit NEX kit lens e.g. step down to 49 mm. Step down rings cost around £2.00 each, or you can buy the full set of 49mm t0 72mm for £8.00 on Amazon

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