How limiting is lack of image stabilization in Pany bodies?

Started Feb 13, 2013 | Questions thread
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Strongly prefer lens IS to in body,..


I shoot with both Sony, in body stabilization, and Panasonic with stabilized lenses. I have a STRONG preference for the stabilized lenses of Panasonic. Both in camera and in lens will give you the same end result, but the view through the EVF, above about 135mm, is much more pleasant with a stabilized lens. It makes the scene steadier and is just more fun to use.

As a matter of fact, the favorite lenses I have for my Sony are stabilized.

If you have a chance, look through the EVF at long zoom with a stabilized lens compared to just a stabilized body. I think you'll see an immediate difference.

As others have said, IS is not essential if you keep your shutter speed high.Lens stabilization still makes telephoto shooting more pleasant.


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