Olympus: End of the line for (full-sized) 4/3?

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Re: Olympus: End of the line for (full-sized) 4/3?

Chris Mak wrote:

4/3 is not going to fade away due to some trolling or due to the sensor size. It is going to fade away, because Olympus chose to replace it with m4/3.

Now, what does a substantial reduction on the 4/3 development of the last 3 years add up to? Not difficult to figure out, I would say. 4/3 lenses will surely be granted support for some time to come, but it will be in the form of a m4/3 body, much like the status quo is already. I seriously considered an OM-D for my 150f2, but it wasn't for me due to the form factor, the EVF and the flaky AF.


I agree. I don't understand how some could blame the consumer for the failure of a corporation such as Olympus(i'd say they've since hit rock bottom if someone doesn't agree with failure), nevertheless even think that "trolls" or someone posting their provacative opinion on a forum would even affect the bigger picture.
Blame the corporation for partaking in corrupt business deals - this has affected innocent people in some pretty bad ways
Blame them for their lack of marketing and major lack of presence in the retail sector, one doesn't necessarily have to compete with the giant 2 but for goodness sake get your act together when it comes to marketing and know where you fit in the market and how to exploit it.

They had a huge window of oppurtunity before Sony came to buy a ticket into the market! That right there was the turning point.

Again I don't see the logic in blaming the consumer for a corporation's failure when your business model revolves around acquiring and retaining those consumers in the first place - that isn't our job.

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