New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

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Re: New Epson r3000 prints darker than old Epson 4000

Carolyn S wrote:

Well, I finally got the color munki running. Computer guy came and even he had to give up. He suggested writing the company...which I did and they were able to suggest that I needed to make sure that McAfee was totally out of my computer (I had used it and changed some months ago when it did not protect me from a virus). They gave me a tool to get it totally removed. They they also sent some sort of Service File....I loaded that and not sure if it did anything, but the color munki now runs!! Finally!

So, I calibrated the monitors. Well, I didn't see a lot of change in my main monitor. Some change to the darker, but that was about it. My second monitor is a cheap one and it needed quite a bit of calibrating. So, then I print. It is still dark. I had a long talk to Joe and he helped me get some settings changed. But, it still prints dark. I am pretty much done in by this. I think it will be easier to use an Adjustment layer to lighten and be done with it. I have been experimenting with black and white and the printer impresses me. I am happy with that (although some adjustment was also needed) So, I will just have to get used to doing one extra step before I print.

It is a good printer with some quirks!

Thanks for everyone's help!!


Carolyn, don't give up yet.

Run another calibration of your main monitor but this time choose the advanced method and pick the lowest luminance of 80cd/m2.

Did you get a chance to view the video?

If nothing helps, then you can use an adjustment layer and lighted your image till you get the prints that match you monitor in density. When you are viewing the print make sure you are using a bright enough light source and it is daylight balanced.

One you arrive at a setting that works, you can create a PCS action that will automatically create the same level adjustment for you. Save the whole thing as a PSD with that adjustment layer included.

Remember to evaluate only the final print and don't loose sleep over the fact that it may not match your monitor perfectly. Once you get that perfect print from your beautiful art, you can considered it homerun!

The match the monitor thing is really a pipe dream that is almost impossible to achieve and you will never get a 100% match no matter what you do. Close, yes but never perfect.


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