Do you "feel"yourself a lesser photographer with your RX100?

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Re: Truth be told..

Stephen McDonald wrote:

harry cannoli wrote:

With a long white lens the unwashed masses clear a path for me. They shower me with the adoration and with all the respect I deserve. A real photographer.

Not so much when I'm out with my compact.


To almost everyone, my little TX100V would look no different. On the rare occasions that I use it, I can't help but feel a bit unprepared and can't imagine that anyone would think I was doing serious photography with such a toy. That it actually can take excellent close-range photos and even better video is nice, but It's like I'm using a squirt-gun at the OK Corral. When I say this, I'm speaking as much about the perceptions and attitudes of other people, as about my own.

Steve, my reply was a silly one. On my website reside, side by side, are images taken with my LX-7 and a DSLR with a pricey lens. You can't tell them apart. Even in print, you can't tell them apart. That's the bottom line.

The folks I shoot wildlife with are seriously armed. 500's, 600's, 800's. I couldn't bear the thought of those guys and gals seeing me shoot with a digicam. I Know it's elitist snobbery, but that's just the way I feel.

I spent years shooting with these guys and being outdone by them all the time. It finally reached the point where the stuff I got was as good as what they got. Now it's at the point where not only can I hold my own against them, but occasionally, I can outdo them. Accomplishing this took years of practice and a hefty investment in gear.

Me out there with them with an LX200? I just couldn't bear the thought. I would be dying inside.

Back when I packed a big, 17-lb. broadcast-type camcorder on a shoulder-mount, I could go anywhere with it and not even be asked for an admission ticket. Women regularly flashed me, guys often threw moonshots and many would ask if they were going to be seen on the news that night. But when I used my tiny, 3-lb. Handycam, I was ignored (which was a good thing in most cases). When I went to do a wedding for a friend, people demanded, "Where's your big camcorder?", "You're not going to do our wedding with that silly little thing, are you?". Many folks need something big and expensive looking, to have any confidence in what the results will be. A very outdated, but still prevalent attitude.

I was right there with you. I did A/V work for the Sheraton Burlington hotel. I did video for the DGA, RGA, and presidential campaign stops. It was a wonderful job, but the hours were crazy and the work was very hard. Getting a call at 3AM because the setup crew needed to put a riser where I had my camera set up. Yuck.

But this all has a beneficial side to a photographer. Most of the time, you don't want to be noticed when you're shooting people or events. With an RX-sized camera, you'll most likely be mistaken for an amateur who's just catching some snapshots. Just wait, someone will shoot a top-rated movie with one and set the big-equipment snobs back on their heels.

Absolutely agree.

My big ED-Beta camcorder----image reversed in mirror.


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