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Re: Sony A850 - W/ Grip - Advice Needed

I have the A850 and VG and upgraded to FF from the A700.  It was the logical step then.  You essentially get 2 cameras in one as it also has an APS-C mode, so it's an A700 as well @ 11MP.  Lens micro adjust is a useful feature, BUT you have to ask yourself whether your level and/or style of photography warrants a full frame body though I never regretted it at all.  I don't think your 2x A700's will cover the cost to change as they can be bought very cheaply today, though I might be inclined to keep one as a backup or as a second body which can be very handy should you want to use a long prime and a long telephoto-zoom at the same time (I currently have a Dynax 7D for this).  I won't get into any debate about formats or EVF v OVF as it's a personal choice, but I have to admit that the FF A850 does give you more dedicated choice of lenses as all the Minolta stock are all FF and you have such great cropping power as well.  Change if you need to, though I still rate the A700 highly and the A850 is just a beefed-up FF version so the control set will be very familiar to you and you'll have no compatibility issues either.

I fitted a Sony FDA-ME1AM 1.2x eyepiece to mine (a carry-over from when I had it on my A700) and it fits perfectly and doesn't obstruct the eye sensors at all.  There are only 2 differences between the A850 and A900.  98% viewfinder and 3 fps as opposed to 100% and 5 fps.  You'll need an external flashgun as well as the A850/A900 don't have an internal one.  Anyway, good luck with whatever you decide to do.

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