D600 better at low light AF than D700 (?)

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Re: D600 better at low light AF than D700 (?)

For my own wedding photography the D3 was itself a step down from the Canon 1d I had been using and even inferior to the D2x for low light photography. The D3 was a smidge better than the D700. Nikon revised its AF system with the D4 and this was incorporated into the D800 and the D600. It is much better though it still suffers from a lack of cross type AF sensors.

This AF sensor deficiency is even noted in the Nikon user guide where reference is made to the difference in AF performance depending upon the orientation of the camera. With a non-cross type sensor autofocus with low contrast subjects or in low light conditions the sensor will only work in one orientation and the camera will not even hunt in the other orientation.

Canon's 1d cameras with more than twice as many cross type AF sensors that cover more than twice as much of the viewfinder are still the best when it comes to low light autofocus performance.

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