Dilemma - Pentax 6 x 7 of K5 for 5 week trip to NZ

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Re: Dilemma - Pentax 6 x 7 of K5 for 5 week trip to NZ

Koroviev wrote:

Hi Folks,

I have a dilemma and so thought I would revert to the wisdom of the crowd.

I'm planning a 5 week trip to NZ with the GF and son. He's not 2.

I'm see-sawing between which system I should take - I love my 6x7 and am happy with the results I am getting from both slide and BW film. On the down side, its about 8 Kg vs 3 Kg (including tripods), and an additional cost of estimated Eur 500 for film and processing (conserative 40 rolls). I don't shoot video.

I don't expect to do much hiking when there, or that which I do would be easy.

Some recent images here: nigelrobinson.wordpress.com

If anyone else has had a similar dilemma I'd love to hear about your experiances, what worked and what did not.



What do you have in mind in terms out output? it seems to be that the advanatge of the 67 would be in larger A2+ prints.

If only a small number of shots might be printed that large then what about looking to buy a smaller MF film camera to take with you AND the K-5? If it say limated you to half a dozen rolls where you really needed the resolution something like say a Fuji GSW 690 would almost pay for itself(and you could sell it afterwards if need be) and still probabley leave you traveling lighter than the 67 by itself.

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