Flash sync speed X100/X100s

Started Feb 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
BurpeesAreHard Contributing Member • Posts: 681
Re: Flash sync speed X100/X100s

When you take delivery of your camera and flash, do not enable 'external flash' in the menus. Fuji uses the term 'external flash' to mean 'third party flash' and the EF-20 is not a third party flash.

The fastest shutter speed on the cameras is 1/4000, but the X100 manual says the highest sync speed is 1/2000. Note that at f/2 the highest supported shutter speed is 1/1000, so flash sync isn't supported for unsupported speeds.

The Fuji shoe mounted flashes should all sync fine, as well as many third party flashes (in manual, not TTL). Lately I've been playing around with a ring flash I bought back in the '80s.

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