A "3D-look" mention . .

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Re: A "3D-look" mention . .

xpatUSA wrote:

It says "As you can see in the crop example I posted earlier, it also restores the so-called 3D look that is sometimes attributed to some camera platforms" as part of an article about a sharpening method, written by Bart van der Wolf and posted here on LL.

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I believe DX Optics Pro uses the deconvolution sharpening technique during its raw conversion. When I convert D800 files using Nikon's Capture NX Pro and then apply regular sharpening in Photoshop, Smart Sharpening, or use Photokit's Sharpener 2 the results look rather pedestrian. But D800 files run through DX Optics look a lot like Foveon files, provided you have a sharp properly focused file to begin with.

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