I need ethical help !!

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Re: I need ethical help !!

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i'd keep the money for myself, since giving it to a charity often means the needy

get very little of the money, the rest is kept by the company running the adds and collecting the donations. They are very skilled at using emotional manipulation

which from reading a lot of the responses works quite well.

That would depend entirely on which 'charity' the money was to be given to. There are many sites that will aid a person in finding charities where the money actually goes to good use versus getting wasted in transit so to speak. Off the top of my head, the Salvation Army is a very high quality organization in that regard. The CEO of SA only takes a 15k or so salary if I remember correctly, for example.

Salaries do not matter. Once I took upon myself the task of analyzing the details of a report of a well-known charity which officially has very low overhead (in single digits). Guess what? When I dug into the structure of their money distribution scheme all the way, people who were supposed to get the money were getting less than 20%. But everything looks so peachy if you read only the first few pages.

Who's doing that, exactly?

Charities are scam.

Some are, some aren't. Saying that so broadly is foolhardy.

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