best monitor calibrator?

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Re: best monitor calibrator?

Sorry to be asking a question on someone else's thread, but this topic interests me mightily.

So do you guys think X-Rite i1Display Pro is worth the extra $80 or so over ColorMunki Display for someone who is just dipping his toes into calibrating monitors?  I only grasp the basic concepts of color science (color temp, color space, etc), I have no access to controlled lighting workspace, and I don't see myself doing my own printing anytime soon.

What I definitely will be doing in the near future is having my photos published in a book.  My father and I are working on a book together where he will be writing and I will be providing photos.  (it's a travel guide of sorts)  So I want to be sure that, when my photos go to the publisher, they will have some semblance of color accuracy.

From what I've read (from here and from X-Rite's site), I am under the impression that ColorMunki should satisfy my current needs.  But I'm wondering if I'm going to find it limiting in the future as my understanding of colors and my photographic and printing needs grow.  Would I be better off in the long run by just spending the extra 80 bucks and getting i1Display Pro?  Or will i1Display Pro's extra features and options just confuse the hell out of me?  :-/

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