The Usefulness of High DR

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Re: The Usefulness of High DR

hedwards wrote:

Am I missing something, or is this not real HDR?

The reason why I ask is that if you're using a single shot and processing it via HDR techniques, that implies that the sensor's dynamic range was sufficient to capture the necessary detail.

You can do run any single image through the HDR process, but the results won't be very good especially when there are deep shadows. Even if deep shadows are recoverable, there will still be a lot of noises. This is the difference between good and better sensors.

Personally, I find that I usually have enough dynamic range for what I'm doing, but that's mostly because I'm usually working under a forest canopy. Otherwise, I always need more range to the sensor so that I'm not blowing things I don't want blown.

Ok so for what you shoot wide DR isn't a concern to you, but I'm pointing out the fact that a lot of photographers shoot in all different kinds of lighting or do heavy editing (or both) and DR limitation is a realistic problem.

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