Need affordable prime lens

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Re: Need affordable prime lens

I own a NEX-5n and had an old HELIOS-44 lens left from a broken rusian camera.

You should be able to buy old rusian lenses for les than 30€ and adapters are about 4-6€ on ebay.

As I rely liked shooting with my HELIOS-44 indors I wantet something smaler as it is a M42 SLR lens so adapter is a litle big for it and the same goas for all other SLR lenses.

But there are other russian lenses made for rangefinder cameras and adapters for them are a lot smaller like JUPITER-8 50mm f/2 (15€ with ZORKI 4 camera) wich I just got yesterday and cant comment on it yet, but here are some pictures of them with adapters.

You must also know that with manual lenses you don't have any image stabilization so you loose a stop or two shooting handheld.


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