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soloryb wrote:

I've used a Plustek OpticFilm 7600i to scan thousands of slides and negatives (both b&w and color). It works well and has given me back images that I thought were lost forever to the digital age. I'm able to correct and then print some of these scanned image tiffs at 13" X 19" - just to indicate the quality possible. Sorry, can't give you any help on the prints you wish to scan.

+1 for Plustek, any of their 7000 series models.  For 35 mm negatives and slides I don't think you can do better.  Quality as good as the camera brand scanners for a fraction of the price. Also when you are done, you can resell the scanner and be out very little money.  There is an active market for these on ebay.

In fairness to competing views about how to go about this let me mention that Vernon Rainwater and I have a running disagreement about this, but I like to scan with minimum real time editing, just a plain vanilla, but high resolution, high dynamic range scan. Then at my leisure after all the scanning is done, I use a regular, high capability photo editor like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro to make all the necessary corrections on the individual files.  If I remember correctly, Vernon prefers to preview each scan and carefully optimize each file at the time of the scan using the software included with the scanner.

Different strokes for different folks.  I am sure one of these options would work well for you.


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