We can finally tether wirelessly to an iPad!!

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slidewilson Regular Member • Posts: 208
Re: Why not simply use an eye-fi card?

chlamchowder wrote:

Actually, for the D4 you've had this, albeit pricey, option for some time now:


I was aware of this product, but it didn't register on my radar for the express reason that it works only with the D4. If it worked with other cameras, too, it would be great.

I believe you have this for the D600 too:


But I have no idea how well it works - I've never tried it. I'm personally more confident with a wired option (with a physical cable), because real cables are generally more reliable, less prone to interference, and support faster transfer rates.

This is true, the WU-1b will work with the D600, but I've read the camranger gives a much more comprehensive range of functions.

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