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Re: Stripes?

SandyF wrote:

Just for clarification, what do you guys in this sub-thread mean by "stripes"?


for example in sky areas?

FWIW I shot the DP2Merrill at ISO200 all during the Death Valley trip, and I see some grainy type noise in the blue sky areas in many photos (see even the top Artists Palette series on my flickr link below... original (large) size is online.

But I honestly don't see a banding pattern in this 'noise' sky area. It doesn't show in the prints I've made to date, but I haven't printed large yet.

I understand that 'sky noise' is less at ISO100 than at ISO200. But I don't think I have any DV sky shots at ISO100 for comparison. Long way to travel back to Death Valley for a "do over" but I wish I had some shots at ISO100 AND had used [ ] metering rather than eval AND had set some +EV. Most of my DP2Merrill shots are too dark.... my fault. I'm bad at looking at histograms.

Anyway, please clarify what you mean by "stripes."

There are two examples on this site http://www.sigma-dp.com/DP3Merrill/samplephoto.html

Look at the lower parts of DP3M-02, under the windows. Its very visible.

In this image: DP3M-30, its not so visible. But you can easily see it if try to recover some shadow details.

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