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mistral2 wrote:

I am new to the FZ200 - but the only major reason I can think of buying the Canon would be for the additional reach particularly if you are a birder.

But many of the long Canon shots are at f5 and above - I am not sure how easy it is to bag those sort of pics in poor light. Maybe those Panny owners who have the Canon as well can comment. The Canon viewfinder is poor.

Thus far I think the Panny with its constant 2.8 lens is magnificent and the better all round camera. The sensor is slightly on the noisey side compared to the Canon which to my eyes is cleaner. And yes we know that shooting at lower ISO with the 2.8 fast lens is an advantage and Panny owners have noiseware available. Panny's video is class including fantastic slowmo - Canon has a lot of catching up to do.

It is important for the poster to note that shooting with these zoom cameras - whatever make- is a steep learning curve- it will take time for you to deliver the pics you want. Don't be discouraged. There is excellent advice in the forum.

realy a noisy camera ?????? !!!!!

They are all the same.......

Canon has longer reach and Pana has faster lens......

Other then that its not very different....... the pana has a better viewfinder and is better with video..

and the Pana is faster... and less lethargic.....


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