Panasonic FZ200 VS Canon SX50 VS Fuji H550EXR....

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Kim Letkeman
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Re: Panasonic FZ200 VS Canon SX50 VS Fuji H550EXR....

Trevor G wrote:

Randell Tober wrote:

So in a nut shell- from what I gather the Canon SX50 is slowww…. The Panasonic FZ200 has a faulty sensor, feels like it’s a cheap build and the Fuji HS50EXR falls somewhere in between the two- with a possabilty of quality issues.

You don't think it's too soon to call, because the HS50 hasn't been released yet?

The SX50 might be slow, but at least it's got a proper RGB histogram, which every camera could use, and which is lacking on every single Fuji, even the high-end ones.

a) Is the Canon's "proper" RGB histogram more accurate than a simple histogram on another camera? (Don't say something dumb like "it must be" ... the question is whether you have a test you can point to that used a decent method to prove that it is significantly more accurate.)

b) People have been shooting without it forever. It might be nice to have, but it is hardly necessary. Not at all the big deal you like to make of it.

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