Yet another "prints-darker-than-screen" but with a twist...!

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Re: Yet another "prints-darker-than-screen" but with a twist...!

Adrian Van wrote:

I have Spyder Elite Pro 3 at $299. however I used to use the Express version earlier version of software at around $99 which is still on one of my 3 computers and the balance seems about the same as pro version. 100 lumens is best for CRT monitors for those that still have them, and LED monitors now have recommended 120 lumens settings or 120cd/m2.

I prefer the setting of 95 to 100 lumens to keep all my highlights with monitor connected to Epson printer which is a CRT LaCie monitor (large older monitors). Most outside services I use work well with my 100 lumens settings which are local printing digital book houses and also professional photo labs I use for sRGB prints. Even the large company uses 100 lumens settings recommended, which has 11,000 or more photographer as members for this online professional printing service. Spyder has a image file with grey charts and Magrath chart on it which is handy.

Once the file is ready I do some final tweaks on printing with colour management settings and I have a saved Epson custom profile I have as Epson Lustre paper is my most often used for wedding portraits.

One other point, consider lightening up the midtones a bit on printing with highlight/shadow adjustment in Photoshop to open up shadows.

Michael Reichman on Luminous Landscape has excellent tutorials on his site for printing and calibration.

Look into these recommendations. Best of luck.

Thank you very much for all your recommendations, I will definitely look into them! I will also check Luminous Landscape's tutorials!

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