Yet another "prints-darker-than-screen" but with a twist...!

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Re: Yet another "prints-darker-than-screen" but with a twist...!

I've read through this topic with interest - I"m in the process of calibrating and creating paper profiles for my 3880 with a ColorMunki...

Can one of y'all explain the relationship between room brightness and monitor brightness?  When I measured ambient light I got between 12 and 15 lux.  The CM said my monitor should be at a brightness of 80.

Just for fun I measured and adjusted the monitor to a brightness of 120, as I believe the OP had his set...  Boy is that BRIGHT...

So, how MUCH ambient light SHOULD I have in the room?  My normal lighting is under-cabinet lighting on the desk to my right, about 4 feet to the side of my primary monitor, and another under-cabinet over the color printer at least 6 feet from the monitor and again, about 4 feet to the side.  The other lighting in the room, a 3-bulb overhead light, is off unless I'm doing something where I need it.  The room doesn't feel dark for what I"m doing, and when I examine prints I use an 1100 lumen, 5000K balanced light...

So, how bright SHOULD the room be?  How does room brightness impact monitor brightness if I'm trying to match what I see on the monitor to what prints?

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