A Tale of Excellent Service (from Calumet)

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A Tale of Excellent Service (from Calumet)

This is a tale of excellent service from Calumet (Drummond Street, London, U.K. branch).

I bought a used camera from them in September that appeared to be in excellent condition. Given my previous purchase from  them of something similar (and I guess in light of a recent disappointing response to a request I made) I was offered a spare battery at an exceedingly good discount.

O.K. job done. One happy chappy.

Just two months later I noticed that the shutter mechanism seemed faulty so I returned the item to them for repair under warranty (they offer I think it is 3 months warranty on used cams). Because I had a problem so soon, as a gesture of goodwill, and (this is important to remember) without my prompting, they gave me an extended international 1 year warranty and sent the camera off to the manufacturer for repair.

I got the camera back in mid-December.

I used it half-heartedly a few times but then last week when attempting to use the camera seriously for the first time since it's return from repair I noticed some horrid dust on the sensor. I used my hand held bulb blower over and over and over again with a good deal of force too (squeezing the bulb blower between my knees to get extra force) and the dust marks simply wouldn't budge.

To ensure that it wasn't I who contaminated the sensor, I did a close check of all the images the camera had taken since it's return from the manufacturer's repair facility. Lo and behold, it turns out those marks had been there all this time. So it seemed to me that the culprit for the spots on the sensor is the manufacturer.

I don't wet clean my sensors, I usually just rely on regular use of the blower and this tends to work for me. So there was no way I could remove the spots (as I don't even have a wet cleaning kit).

I expressed my concerns to Calumet and I received a reply saying that I should take the camera in to them and they would clean it on their premises, same day service and ......... wait for it ....... FREE of charge.

I took the camera in today to be cleaned.

Now, when I went to collect the camera my feeling was .... WOW!
Not only did my camera sensor get cleaned and ready for me by the time I was told it would be ready by, but when I went to collect it (at around 17:00 today) I was amazed by the manner in which the camera was presented to me.
Because, the damn camera was handed to me in an air-tight heat sealed transparent plastic bag. Wow!! That's what I call service and presentation!! Bloody amazing.
It made me feel as though I was being presented with a precious jewel. Great stuff.
I ain't checked the sensor yet, I guess coz I am still recovering from the shock of the wonderful way the camera was presented to me. However, in the meantime I just wanna say a big THANK YOU here to the Calumet crew (and of course share a good news story).

It is said by many that to determine how good a business is, do not look at all the stuff they do when things are working as they should, but instead, look at how the business solves problems. Calumet's problem solving for me with this camera has been exceptional.

I have been a customer of theirs for some time now, not buying many things just bits and pieces really but now I have become a loyal customer for life (well, providing they don't suddenly go downhill like Jessops did). So much so that I have vowed to buy certain stuff from their store only (including one rather expensive purchase I have in mind for some time within the next 18 months),  irrespective of whether or not I can get the stuff cheaper elsewhere (I believe that good customer service should attract customer loyalty)

Perhaps, this can be the beginning of a thread of examples of exceptional service.


Happy shooting everyone.


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