VF-2 vs built-in EVF in G5 and G5 opinions

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Re: VF-2 vs built-in EVF in G5 and G5 opinions

I use a VF2 on my Olympus Pens and am also familiar with using the EVF built into the Panasonic G1, G2 and G3.  The difference is that the Panasonic EVF is a sequential field unit (that corresponds to the "multiplexing" that the OP mentioned) which generates the image in a different way to the Epson Ultimicron display used in the VF2.  Whether you are sensitive to the effect that a sequential field EVF can produce depends very much on the characteristics of your own eyesight.  To some people, it looks no different to the Olympus display, but for others, to a greater or lesser extent they will notice a very fast red/green/blue "flicker" around high contrast areas (for example, any white characters in the superimposed data displays) as they blink or move their eye quickly.  It does seem to be picked up most in connection with rapid movement, and also by the parts of the eye that are more movement-sensitive, so it's more noticeable in one's peripheral vision.  I definitely do see it and find it distracting, though not unbearable.  The other aspect I find preferable on the Olympus viewfinder is its large, all-glass eyepiece optics - all the Panasonics I've used have plastic eyepiece optics which introduce some aberrations (distortion and smearing) at the extreme edges, which encroach inwards if my eye is off-axis, which can happen when I wear glasses, as the Panasonic EVF eyepieces seem a little smaller than the Olympus one.

So for me, the VF2 is preferable by quite an extent, but that's for me personally.  As usual, it's best for the individual to try and get a look at the model they're considering before buying, as it may or may not be an issue for them.

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