As a huge Panasonic fan, I am quite disheartened by this interview:

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Re: As a huge Panasonic fan, I am quite disheartened by this interview:

You make some very astute points. For example, several DPR members, I will mention Ronomy in particular have spent many hours, collectively in the hundreds without exaggeration, attempting to "tune" the FZ200's myriad settings to achieve satisfactory results.

Witness the early user reviews on Amazon; the return rate was frightening, as casual users did what the Panasonic marketing promised - they turned it to iA and got noisy or blurry photos.

Many upgraders simply applied the settings that had worked (in the main) for the previous FIVE generations of FZs. Only to find the results full of noise and artefacts.

I completely agree with this. I've wasted a ton of time trying to make this camera do what I want without fuss.  We all have - separately.  I've backed off and accept its limitations as part of the overall compromise.

So as far as Panasonic engineering/marketing goes, they have done little or nothing to help the user quickly understand where the sweet spots are on the FZ200.  They know - they built it. But it must be a secret "left to the reader".

I love the camera.  I love the flexibility.  I love the lens.  But I don't love the software and the lack of guidance and insight from Panasonic about how the darned thing is actually set up and how each of the various modes (ex. IA, i* modes) ACTUALLY works and how it ACTUALLY affects the IQ.  I've read the manual end to end.  It's almost like the engineers just threw it together and then said to the customer: "here's the stuff, we think it's cool, but you figure it out", esp on JPG outputs.  I see these modes as tools for the user to apply, but frankly, we've had to reverse-engineer some of them to determine what they do!

It should be much simpler to get to success.

Where is that Rev 2.0 firmware??

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