GH3 vs Canon 6D High ISO Comparison

Started Feb 13, 2013 | Discussions thread
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stacking ...

mpgxsvcd wrote:

Try the GH3's RAW stacking mode. That will eliminate all of the noise. I only wish it could work at ISO's higher than 1600.

Stacking raws with software outside the camera works pretty well at higher isos, even hand held. I know it means you can't instantly upload, but when you're stuck shooting at iso 25600 and don't have a tripod it isn't a bad choice.

Here's an iso 25600 shot. This was converted from raw but had no processing or NR done.

And here it is after stacking 19 images (I just held down the shutter in burst mode). I did some exposure correction, NR and a few other adjustments:

The plain stacked result, this has no NR other than what you get from stacking:

The gallery has the result of 5 images and 10 images as well. 10 was pretty usable, 5 really wasn't.

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