GH3 Burst mode with electronic shutter

Started Feb 12, 2013 | Discussions thread
eagle_I Senior Member • Posts: 2,670
Re: GH3 Burst mode with electronic shutter

I wonder if 1280x720 60fps might suit your high speed imaging needs .... and I'm curious what those needs are?

I was just investigating with VLC Media Player some GH3 video I shot for test and doing still frame screen captures of individual frames and I'm impressed with the image quality.

Not sure what the shutter speed limitations would be using video.  I was shooting hummingbird close-ups in manual exposure mode in sunlight using ISO200 f-22 to get 1/60 shutter speed I wanted which maintains natural look of wingbeats.  Experiments with higher shutter speeds (with GH2) gave the bird's wings a un-natural stuttered look.

I've never tried the 20fps feature but do recall reading.  Also not sure how electronic shutter would factor in.  If I have some time I'll give it a try.


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