Upgraded from 60D to 7D today...gulp...

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Re: Upgraded from 60D to 7D today...gulp...

PC Wheeler wrote:

Jesse Marks wrote:

I only wish I knew what was coming next and when.

Welcome to the forum, Jesse! It's hard to predict. But since Canon released a v. 2.0 firmware for the 7D last year, I'm not expecting a new 7D mk II (or such) very soon. But who, other than Canon, really knows.

I've owned a 7D since early in its life cycle, and the AF system is excellent for sports and birds in flight (BIF) -- once you get it set up to your needs. I've also owned a 60Da (a = astronomy) since last year. I find I'm using it more for daytime non-action shooting than my 7D. Lenses are:

Please note that Canon spent millionS of dollars on the new v2 firmware. It was not just a tweak here and there, it was a full rewrite, between the programing, the management, the testing... I would not be surprised if it was in the 10+ millions.

As a professional (please don't try this at home), I'm polishing my crystal ball while doing the proper incantations, I think that there could be some announcement toward the end of the year with a delivery very late in 2013 or early 2014.

Now this could all change if Nikon announces the D400.

According to Canon financial statements, Canon Imaging production (the camera/printers division) is working at close to full capacity. Canon doesn't have any idle plant/production line.

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