If People want a Pentax FF so bad.. Go buy a 645d ??

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Re: Déjà vu

Tom Lusk wrote:

"I wonder how many of the no Tele I'm leaving gang have snapped up the da560 for what is a bargain for the class of lens??

Bargain? Based on what?

Based on the going rate of this type of lens not some kind of penny pincher pentax wet dream

This lens has not even been tested/reviewed yet and you are declaring it a bargain.

canon 600 f4 £10,000

Nikon 600 f4 £7000

Pentax 560 f5.6 £6000

The only way this lens will sell in any numbers is to reduce the price significantly - unless it somehow turns out to be far, far superior optically than any other lens in its category.

It will not sell in any great number whatever ,as the people who can afford it and understand its use are few and far between, This has no baring on its quality.

Of cause you could make the 'but their a stop faster point' , to which I would have to smile and mark you as a non telephoto shooter as the comment warrants.

first F stop with telephotos has very little to do with speed but rather a promise of improved IQ closed down. it's a salve to those who know not better.

Providing the Pentax offers the same iq @f5.6 as the other do then its a bargain.

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