Safari: Buy a new camera or 14-140mm

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Re: Safari: Buy a new camera or 14-140mm

eagle_I wrote:

C Sean wrote:

... I went to South Africa four years ago and used a super zoom compact camera. I didn't have any real camera at the time and it got me into photography.

For me understanding your experience and attitude is important. What was the superzoom and why do you not consider it a "real" camera?

From suggestions I read in the thread the most important IMHO is don't get something new (unfamiliar) just before the trip. And most important is PRACTICE with what you've got. The camera is just a tool. It's up to you to be the craftsman.


It was a Panasonic DMC-TZ6 with 12x optical zoom.  I purchased it to replace my five year old Pentex? P&S compact. The Pentex was my first digital camera but my first camera was film given to me when I was a child. The Pentex(digital) would require two AA batteries and could only take aprox 30 photos before needing another set of AA batteries. Hench why I didn't use it much.

Panasonic TZ6 was a perfect camera for me at the time. I liked it so much I purchased a GF2 a few years later after seeing in on a tec show.

Not a real camera may not be the best approach to describe the TZ6. However it was a small sensor point and shoot compact. There was nothing much else I could do other than to zoom in or zoom out. Nothing in the safari photos were in focus and it was just a confusing mess of mass low quality of detail. At the time I was very happy with the results   but now I feel i come a long way since then.

Even I own a G3, my perferred camera is the GF2+20mm. The GF2 has some big limitations with it iso issues and ok jpeg engine. However in my opinion that why I like the cameera so much is to get around those limitations.

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