New to Flash HVL-F43AM

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Re: New to Flash HVL-F43AM

I have a 42AM which has nearly identical power. My procedure indoors is usually to use M mode (pick the aperture to give you enough DOF, pick a shutter speed that lets in enough ambient light and use the ISO to give the flash more power if need be) and underexpose the ambient by a stop or so and bounce the flash to fill in the foreground subject.

Same thing outdoors in daylight. Use M mode to expose for the ambient. Go down to base ISO. Pick an aperture to give the DOF you want while watching the shutter speed: you lose 2/3 of the flash's range the moment you go above sync speed (1/160). The flash acts as a fill. I guess you won't have enough power to bounce outdoors so if you don't want direct flash you can use wireless sync. The smallest package is to have the F20AM on the 7 as the trigger and the 43AM as the slave. You have TTL so as long as the flash puts out enough power (is there such an indication on the 43AM? I know there is one on my 42AM) you're good.

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