best monitor calibrator?

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Re: best monitor calibrator?

Howard Moftich wrote:

You forgot the 'Gooder' option of the XRite i1Display Pro (same hardware as ColorMunki Display but better software)

True, I'm not as familiar with it, but I took a quick glance:

It appears that it has a little more nuanced (though more technical) controls closer to what you'd see in something like BasICColor.

It's ambient meter also measures the color of the light in the room, which is very important if you have any level of control over the lighting in the room, but is all for naught if you have windows in the room and the ambient color temerature might range from 10,000+K skylight in the shade, 6000K when the sun is shining right through the window, 3400K when you have the tungsten lights on full at night and 2500K when you dim them down later in the evening.

They claim it is quicker than the ColorMunki.

Finally, and most importantly it can create LUT based profiles which is more accurate, and can give you numeric Delta-E accuracy validation.

Looking at it is actually I'll rephrase:

OK - Color Munki

Good - i1Display Pro or Spyder4 Display

Better - Spyder4 Kit

Best - BasICColor Discus

Insane - PR-655

The Colormunki is Ok but it would drive me crazy with the limited amount of controls. Something like i1Display Pro or BasICColor Display might drive someone else crazy with too many controls. For some people the simplicity of the Colormunki is a good thing.

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