Used Nikon DSLR Choice for Macro

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Re: Used Nikon DSLR Choice for Macro

If you are on a budget and money matters, the best value would be a used D200 (and preferably D300, if you can stretch your budget a bit). Both of these cameras offer ​metering ​with older AI-S lenses, which is very important. Especially for macro, you can find some stunningly great old MF lenses for very little money. Examples being the micro-Nikkor 55mm f/2.8 and the micro-Nikkor 105mm f/4. In addition, you can still use extension rings, etc. without losing the ability to meter.

The downside is that both the D200 and the D300 are fairly complex cameras, and you will have to be a bit patient and willing to learn. Having said that, the D300 (especially) is a superb camera, it's the one I'm using for many of my assignments.

If you prefer to get a bit simpler to use camera, you will lose metering with older lenses ​​and with extension rings (except those expensive ones, which feature cpu contacts). In that case, you will need ​macro diopter lenses ​if you still want to take the cheap way out. I don't recommend them, but it's the only cheap solution that can give you metering with a cheaper camera

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