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triton kev wrote:

can i ask a dumb question what is the difference between dslr and slt


to sum it up, mostly

a DSLR has a viewfinder that looks through a mirror in front of the sensor (OVf, optical view finder). When you take a picture, that mirror flips up out of the way.  Reflections from this mirror also enable the autofocusing.  Because you're looking at a mirror, it works with the camera off, and the resolution is a function of the lens and mirror quality, no pixels or screen involved in the viewfinder.

an SLT has a mostly transparent mirror in front of the sensor. The viewfinder is electronic based off the sensor, and the mirror is there to reflect the image to the autofocus sensor. The big differences are the EVF and it's ability to continue to auto focus while recording photos and videos.

The advantages or disadvantages of the EVF (electronic view finder) have been hotly debated in many other threads.

Other issues with the differences is the SLT "loosing" light, with that "transparent" mirror really being semi transparent. But it also has fewer moving parts inside for less vibration, potentially higher frame rate and less noise, along with the focusing advantages.

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