569 vs 539 T3i Kit Prices? Which Is Better?

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I plan to use it for video too. Most of my footage will be video based. I was just asking if the 50mm would do the trick. One more question. I found one for 519.00 w/o the warranty ( warranty runs for 79.00 ) at this shop on ebay. Looks pretty good, but it's refurbished. Would that be a better buy? Thanks.

If you buy a refurbished camera, either buy it from an established reliable store (Adorama is one, I'm sure) or else directly from Canon's web site. Trade in any old Canon camera - however cheap or broken - and you get a nice discount % from Canon. A $20 broken camera can save you $100 or more.

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You just answered my question. Appreciate it.

You trade any old Canon camera, working or not, film or digital, for a refurbished Canon camera at a 20% discount from the refurbished price with the Canon Loyalty Program.  More info here:  Canon Loyalty Program FAQs   This is how I bought my current camera (Canon 7D) and I can highly recommend the CLP.  The refurb cameras are indistinguishable from brand new.  You have a 14 day no questions asked return policy and a 90 day Canon warranty.  All that you need to know about the CLP is in the post at the link above and Canon does not have any info on it on-line.  You just call the 800 number and deal with them over the phone.  If you do not have a trade-in, they are available on e-bay for $10-$20.  Just look for any listing that says "For Parts".

Right now, the Canon Direct Store is showing the Canon T3i in stock with the 18-55mm IS lens.  The refurb price is currently $560 for the kit, so the CLP price would be $448 and if you did not want to keep the 18-55mm IS kit lens they are easy to sell for $100-$115, so you can easily get a good as new T3i body for $348.

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