Does America have the right

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So tell me Andy, what is one thing the UN has ever "taken care of"??

No offense but the power of veto makes the UN a neutered dog by design of the great powers. For example the entire world wants the US embargo of Cuba lifted... well... entire world except for Israel and Palau (yea...that's actually a real place). Everyone else... 'give up the grudge US'.

But what the world wants via the UN does nothing.... does it.

No one who castrates and muzzles a dog should afterward complain it lacks balls and cannot bite.

Well, you need to consider that Castro and his angry young men kicked out the Mafia and made the US citizens scramble for standing space on whatever ship that left Havana for Florida, leaving their gleaming limousines behind.

Worse, they stopped supplying cigars to all the US senators, those people suddenly escaped from US domination, a heinous crime is there is one.

Please remember that the US knows how to give a little and take a lot and gets ticked off when someone gives them the finger, like Castro did.

Very officially, the US lost nothing in Cuba but the Mafia sure did and they knew how to remind the US house of representatives and the Senate who paid their election campaigns.

The usual ignorance of the European view.

It's not about any of that.

It's personal with Castro.

Nine Presidents including four Democrats have kept the embargo.

Put your thinking cap on and ask yourself, "Why?"

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