Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

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Re: Wow!! My first run in with Canikon snob...

MediaArchivist wrote:

Shield3 wrote:

The 1DX actually does 12FPS in full manual mode, unlike the A77 that requires the aperture to be fixed @ F/5.6.

One of the great things about these forums is how much you can learn. In particular, the hidden nuggets of knowledge that are posted-- by real people actually using the cameras. These are the gems that go beyond the manuals, and beyond the hype.

I was not aware that the a77 was limited to f/5.6 in 12fps burst mode. This is one of those gems-- it is certainly not in the manual. Nonetheless, I could not help but remember that I had used it in that mode at a wider f/stop. But, here I am, reading this thread. How do I know my recollection is in error? Because right after reading in a post that the aperture is fixed at f/5.6, it is emphasized that one should "check your facts before posting."

I am at a loss to explain why, when attaching a f/1.4 lens to my a77, I was able to burst 12fps at f/1.4. How can this be? In continuous AF as well as manual focus. In auto ISO mode, as well as ISO 800. Aperture priority or shutter priority. All at f/1.4.

Please, check your facts before posting.


I beg your pardon; I misread Gary Friedman's e-book on the a77.

"In this mode the autofocus mechanism officially can’t handle lenses whose maximum f/stop is f/5.6 or smaller. (The only lens I can think of that falls into this category is the 500mm f/8 mirror lens.)"

But you of course say nothing of the person who said the 1DX is limited to 10FPS?  Not to mention the A77's tiny buffer that only does 17 raw (so 12FPS for what, less than 1.5 seconds) while the 1DX will do up to 38 raw files in a row with a UDMA 7 card.  But, of course, the "Sony" is the fastest. 

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