Your D800 Settings (Mine is here!)

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Re: Your D800 Settings (Mine is here!)

imax2k2 wrote:

So I got my D800 yesterday (yay! I haven't been this excited since I got my hands on the D600 for the first time lol), and I have clicked a few times so far, and I'm loving the D800.

Btw it did come what few have experienced, the camera had its initial settings set, but no shutter actuations were found in opanda. So I guess it was one of those pieces which were randomly taken off the production line and checked for Left AF issue? And so far I dont think the camera has Left AF issues (although I haven't checked it scientifically, I just moved around the AF point and the camera was moving its focus too).

So far I have set the camera to focus from AF-On only, taking it off the shutter button, which was a bit annoying, the camera would focus with AF-On, and then again while clicking the shutter button.

I have set the auto-iso to a stop faster then the focal length of the lens, until I can improve my hand holding technique to be able to get sharp photos with less shutter(any liinks to read on good hand holding technique?).

I have also set the multi-selctor OK button to High magnification (is that more then 100%?).

I haven't set the banks at all yet, which I want to see how people usually set up. I'd appreciate any comments, suggestion and opinions on how to handle this camera, as its my first pro grade body.

I have my D800 settings outlined here:

I use AF-on as well, auto ISO two stops faster, multi-select to medium mag (100%) in both playback and LV.

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